Gadus Morhua

Skrei is Norwegian Cod in its prime. This seasonal Cod migrating to spawn in the Northern central coastal waters is exceptionally muscular from the long journey from the Barents Sea. Its flesh is firm with a larger flake. Skrei is a Norwegian delicacy and has its own quality standards.




Skrei is a seasonal Norwegian Cod only available between January and April. Each year, this migratory Cod swims from the Barents Sea to its spawning ground in the cold, clear waters of the Lofoten Islands, located on Norway’s north coast. From undertaking this epic journey, it means the Skrei arrive in prime condition, yielding an amazing taste and texture.

Only the very best of the Norwegian Cod catch is labelled with the SKREI® branding, having to meet stringent quality standards. The majority of this delicious fish are caught from small coastal vessels and packed within 12 hours to ensure optimum quality and freshness.

We offer Skrei as whole, fillets and loins. Packed and processed in accordance with strict criteria that guarantee the highest quality.


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